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My returns delivered, now what?

Has Australia Post confirmed the delivery of your return (check your return tracking)? Please take a look at the information below. If not, click here.

Now that your return has reached our PO Box - our returns team still needs to gather and process your return.

Returns are picked up every business day by 7 am. If your return arrives after 7 am, it will be collected on the following business day.

Typically, returns are processed within 6 business days (Monday to Friday) after collection. Once processed, you will receive the following return information via the email address used for your purchase:

  • Automated return complete email
  • Automated store voucher email

Please check your spam or promotion folders in case these emails have unintentionally landed there. Alternatively, you can find more information on accessing store vouchers.

Or if your return is outside of our return policy, it will be 'RTS' returned to sender.

Return status check:

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