Wear and Care

Wear & Care

No matter the season, our products are designed to keep you looking stylish. By giving some extra consideration to how you wash and care for your beloved Florence Store pieces, you not only enhance their longevity and wearability, but also contribute to the well-being of the environment. Together, we can make a positive impact.

Follow Care Instructions:

Always follow the care instructions that are sewn into the side seam of all of our garments. Each garment is different, and requires special care for its specific materials. Take care of them according to their needs, as listed on the garment care label, and they’ll continue to look good – as will you – for a long time.

Wash Less & Separately:

Reduce the amount of water and detergent consumed to clean your clothes by simply reducing the number of times you wash your favourite pieces. We would always advise avoiding washing light-coloured items with dark items to prevent dye transfer. 

Keep it Cool:

A cold hand wash or hand wash cycle will significantly cut down on energy consumption. Cold water is best as it washes well and is great for your clothes. Hot water can cause shrinkage when you least expect it!

Steam it:

Steaming your clothes removes wrinkles and kills odour-causing bacteria, keeping clothes fresh in between washes. Steaming is a great alternative from ironing and will truly safeguard you against any incidentals for those delicate fabrics.

Dry Cleaning:

Traditional dry cleaners typically use hazardous chemicals and materials that are bad for the land, waterways, air and general environment. For those ‘Dry Clean Only’ garments, there are more environmentally-friendly alternatives to cleaning your pieces. Look up your nearest GreenEarth cleaner for a greener dry clean.

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Wear & Care